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About Us

We’re Local Pros in Computer Repair and We’re Here for You When You Need Us

There’s no bigger headache than a computer that doesn’t work when you need it to.

Whether it’s virus attacks, network connection issues or loss of data, we’ll get your computer system back up and running quickly and affordably.

We’re an independently owned home-based business located in the South Keys area and proudly serving the Ottawa-Gatineau region since 2011.

With decades of experience in Microsoft software, computer repair and customer service, owner Melad Ahmadzai offers affordable repair solutions — whether online or on-site — for small businesses, clinics and home computer users.

“I started Taleam because I wanted to provide more than just technical support services. I wanted to ensure small businesses, clinics and home users had access to affordable, quality repairs and personable customer service. I understand the frustrations around computer system breakdowns, and I want to give back to my community by sharing my knowledge and experience with computer hardware and software.” Melad Ahmadzai, CEO

Melad brings professionalism, experience and in-depth know-how to every job, and shares tips and simple strategies to help customers navigate computer maintenance and repair.

He is also continuously on the lookout for new and innovative ways to serve his clients. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, Melad integrated a variety of new products into his offerings, including a custom solution he developed for medical clinics that is easily achievable with minimal additional requirements. 

He also occasionally offers computer repair training for students and seniors.

CEO's Corner: February 2021

We sent our first newsletter of the year in February to our partners and customers to share the latest information on our services and products—and we encourage you to sign up, too, at the top of this page.

In addition, we were pleased to provide free computer skills training to a group of 25 youths, providing instruction on file conversion from Word to PDF. We delivered these workshops online by Zoom as well as in person—keeping those groups small, and adhering to pandemic safety protocols, in order to protect all participants.

We are very proud to have also created a new resource for our customers: a 3-Step Guide for Data Backup enabling anyone to learn about how to better protect their data.

Finally, we are grateful to report that we are growing our customer base, and remain committed to continuing our work with current partners and future customers to deliver professional and cost-effective solutions.

Always, I welcome you to reach out with any questions or issues. We’re here to help.

Melad Ahmadzai, CEO, Taleam Systems