Taleam Systems Closed Temporarily

Taleam Systems' AHMADZAI Seeking Actions Against Carleton University After Attacked On Campus in 2015

Ottawa, July 7, 2020

A small business owner and former student of Carleton University Meladul Haq Ahmadzai who was attacked in 2015, launched a civil court action against the University, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, the case before the justice system is likely to die.

Ahmadzai fled war in Afghanistan in order to seek a better education and live a normal life in Canada with his family.

In 2014, a year just before his admission to Carleton University, Ahmadzai ran for City Councillor position in Ottawa. He says, Unfortunately, my example shows to others that standing up for what you believe in does not always reflect the true values of society.

Meanwhile, the young business owner ran on a city platform which included the legalization of marijuana and other substances which in 2015 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was voted on to implement the same agenda under a Liberal platform.

Faced with years of hardships following the attacks on Carleton University campus, Ahmadzai filed a civil case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice case number: CV-19-00080663-0000.

He adds, I had a dream that I was the Mayor, so I remain hopeful about the future even though the world is now facing an unfortunate situation of COVID-19.

Today, Ahmadzai is still serving as the CEO of Taleam Systems a technology company that specializes in custom healthcare products among other IT services and products.

Ahmadzai concludes, I trust justice will be served in my civil case and hoping that the vulnerable senior people that lost their lives in Canada to the pandemic will too get answers.

Taleam Systems provides tech support to hospitals and medical clinics in Ottawa, Canada. The business is temporarily closed.

For more information Contact:

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, CEO

melad (@) taleamsystems.com

Phone: 613-521-9229