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We're your one-stop solution at Taleam Systems, catering to small businesses and medical clinics with computer services, website design, and IT support. Our offerings go beyond – we provide tech support, setup, and innovative solutions, meeting your diverse needs. Occasionally, we channel our skills into creating innovations for the healthcare sector.

And here's the best part: we offer a FREE consultation for every customer. We'll review all your requirements, ensuring you get the best solution.

Our services are delivered face-to-face for personalized and effective support. For more info, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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• What services does your computer business offer?

Taleam Systems provides computer service, website design, and IT Support.

• How can I request service or support?

You can choose to book online or give us a call at (613) 979-0309 during store hours – whichever works best for you!

• What types of computer setups do you assist with?

We help with setting up new devices, installing software, designing websites, removing viruses, installing internet equipment, setting up software and printers, ensuring cybersecurity, and bringing innovative ideas to your projects.

• Do you offer remote support for troubleshooting?

Sometimes, we help you with computer problems or installations over the phone.

• What is included in your support services?

We come to you to make your computer faster, fix any problems, get rid of viruses, and help you troubleshoot. We explain things in a way that's easy to understand.

• How quickly can I expect a response for support requests?

During business hours, we aim to respond to service requests within four hours.

• What are your operating hours for service and support?

We're here for you Monday through Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm, and appointments can be scheduled during store hours.

• Can you assist with software troubleshooting?

Certainly, we can help troubleshoot various software issues, including MS Office, Outlook, and Windows 11.

• Do you provide guidance on optimizing computer performance?

We optimize computers and websites, recommend the best solutions, and put them into action once you're happy with the plan.

• How do I schedule a service appointment or setup session?

You can schedule a service request on our website or reach us directly by phone.

• What measures do you take to ensure the privacy and security of my data during services?

Before our tech works on your computer, especially for tasks like removing viruses or making applications run better, please back up your data. We take extra steps to keep your files safe and only fix things with your agreement.

• What sets your computer business apart in terms of service quality?

We're a local business that's great at quickly helping with your computer and website needs. We make sure things run smoothly, save you money, and even offer workshops to boost your skills for tech projects and office tasks.

• Can you assist with network setup or troubleshooting?

We diagnose network connectivity issues, set up new network equipment, and troubleshoot problems.

• What payment methods do you accept for your services?

We welcome payment in cash and credit cards through PayPal.

• Is remote support available for customers outside your local area?

We're delighted to collaborate with companies that have clients in the Ottawa region. We look forward to working with you!